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who is

zach clayton?

Musician and social media personality Zach Clayton, is known for his popularity on the live-streaming social media platform YouNow, where he has garnered 1.5 million fans and 32 million channel views to date and a Shorty Award nomination for YOUNOWER OF THE YEAR. Known to the digital world as @BruhItsZach, Clayton expanded his presence to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, producing weekly sketches, vlogs and ongoing live streams, amassing a collective 9 million followers across his channels. Clayton continues to produce leading content across all of his channels featuring top ranking influencers such as, JoJo Siwa from “Dance Moms,” “Baby Ariel” and Loren Beech.

Clayton released his debut solo single “Nothin’ but Love” independently to iTunes in June 2016 showcasing his talent and power of influence to the music industry. In October 2016 Clayton released an additional two singles “Face to Face” followed by “Insta Bae” in November, both reaching the iTunes Pop Chart. In conjunction with his newly debuted music, Clayton completed four national tours in 2015 and 2016 including DigiTour, DigiFest, Slaybells and TLG Summer, alongside featured artists including Weston Koury, Baby Ariel, Loren Beech, and Blake Gray. Clayton also offers tour audiences and fans at home a chance to purchase original merchandise, a selection of self-designed t-shirts, hoodies and accessories onsite and online through Merch Junkie.


While focused on music, Clayton is not shy about his emergence through social media and partnership with YouNow, giving him the opportunity to speak openly on the integral role digital stars play in the entertainment and fashion industries, as well as in marketing and business. Clayton uses his experience and knowledge of the digital space to speak to major corporations about how they can incorporate viral names into their marketing strategy.

Eager to use his growing success to give back to those in need, Clayton is using his voice in the digital community to shine a light on the dangers of bullying and to help promote an anti-bullying movement through his fan base.

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