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Stars Share Photos of Their Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Its the Christmas season and festivity is in full flow! A perfect opportunity for Twist Magazine to approach Zachary to find out about his festive fashion - and that's just exactly what they did! Zach was delighted to share his exclusive Ugly Christmas Holiday Sweater with the magazine company and felt extremely proud and thankful to be featured on their website. 

Published: 22nd December, 2016


Twist Magazine took to twitter to promote the featuring of BruhItsZach, aka Zach Clayton in their latest article of the sharing their holiday sweater revealing.


Zach was very excited to see the Clayton Family's (Fandom) reaction, but most importantly he was very thankful for the feature invitation by Twist Magazine, and cannot wait to have even more discussions in the near future!

Published: 22nd December, 2016

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