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16-year-old social media star Zach Clayton is using his platform to promote anti-bullying

Social media and live streaming platforms are taking over the way we view content. One young man who has taken full advantage of this technological shift is Zach Clayton, and he’s done a pretty amazing job at it. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, over 32 million views on YouNow, and hordes of young fans falling in love, he’s winning the game before the age of 18. Not only is he making girls swoon over writing and singing original songs, he creates vlogs, sketches, and even one-of-a-kind merch. In the past, he has worked with other influencers such as Jojo Siwa, Baby Ariel and Loren Beech. Recently, Clayton has released two singles, “Face to Face” and “Insta Bae”, both successfully landing spots on the iTunes Pop Chart. And if you think that’s all, there’s more.

Published: 6th March, 2017

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